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Date(s) - 08/11/2018 - 09/11/2018
18:00 - 1:30


Genus Ordinis Dei – da Crema (CR)
– Symphonic Death Metal –

Shockproof – da Roma
– Thrash Metal –

InAllSenses – da Caserta (CE)
– Death/Thrash Metal –

Wolfear – da Salerno (SA)
– Heavy /Groove/Thrash Metal –

Release The Blackness – da Avellino (AV)
– Technical Death Metal –

– Apertura porte al pubblico: 19:30 –

Release the Blackness: 20.30/21.00

Wolfear: 21.15/21.45

Inallsenses: 22.00/22.30

ShockProof: 22.45/23.15

Genus Ordinis Dei: 23.30/00.30

– Contributo associativo e tesseramento € 5,00 –
– Area ristorazione e drink –
– Ampio parcheggio –

– Area stand –

– Michela Girasole – limeka arti visive-disegni dipinti.e –

– Alkemistika handmade jewels –

– Muスミ – Japanese art

– My Kingdom Music

– Impatto Rock –

– Info Genus Ordinis Dei:
Genus Ordinis Dei is a Symphonic Death Metal band from Crema, Italy. Their new album Great Olden Dynasty was recorded and produced by Simone Mularoni (Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, DGM), and features Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) on guest vocals for the song ‘Salem’.

Genus Ordinis Dei was established in 2011 by a close circle of professional music instructors who graduated from Italy’s most respected music academies (RGA, MMI, NAM). Over the course of the next two years, the band sculpted its style, melting new millennium metal with symphonic sonorities. During this period the band started to define their artistic and musical identity, developing the idea for a trilogy where the first album to be released would be Act II of the story, entitled The Middle. The band independently released their self-produced album The Middle in 2013, heavily backed by an intensive run of live shows across Italy and Europe.

In 2014, the band met Marco Coti Zelati (Lacuna Coil) while on tour, and a friendship formed over the following months. In February of 2015, the band tapped him to produce their upcoming EP 2016 release. The EP was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio, and the band signed to Danish label, Mighty Music. The Middle received a proper release in January of 2016, along with music videos for the songs ‘Ghostwolf’ and ‘Roots and Idols of Cement’. Shortly thereafter, Mighty Music released their 2016 EP, and music videos for the songs ‘From the Ashes’, ‘The Fall’, and ‘Cadence of War’.

In the Summer of 2016, the band returned to Domination Studio with Simone Mularoni as producer, to record their next full-length album entitled Great Olden Dynasty. The album is another exhilarating side-story to the trilogy, containing ten brand new tracks of symphonic, technical splendor. The album also features Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil on guest vocals in the song ‘Salem’. After completing the album, they parted ways with Mighty Music, and the band began shopping the unreleased album for a new

In Fall of 2016 Genus Ordinis Dei was invited to join the Delirium World Tour as opening act for Lacuna Coil, where they completed a five week endurance of 31 gigs in some of Europe’s most prestigious venues. The tour was a great success for the band, landing them dozens of positive reviews in the press. Over the following months, the band entertained offers from several record labels. In the Summer of 2017 however, they finally signed a new, worldwide deal with U.S. label Eclipse Records.

Great Olden Dynasty will be released worldwide on November 24, 2017.

– Info InAllSenses:
The Inallsenses is an italian Thrash/Death Metal band from Caserta. Formed in 2006, they are currently signed to My Kingdom Music.

The band consists of vocalist Ruggero Formicola, drummer Bart D’arezzo, lead/rhythm guitarist Giuseppe Senese, lead/rhythm guitarist Matteo Recca, and bassist Lorenzo Picierno.

In July 2008 Inallsenses win the most important italian Metal contest for emergent bands (1st classified on 89 bands), the “Metal Battle”, playing the final round at the Evolution Festival ( with In Flames, Opeth and more..) , one of the biggest metal festival in Italy, so after 1 month, in August 2008 the band fly to WACKEN OPEN AIR to dispute the International Metal Battle in competition with 16 nations all around the world. They placed at the 3rd position doing a great live show and involving lot of metalheads!.

In October 2008 Inallsenses are in the “Italian Assault Tour 2008” with Onslaught. At the end of the year the band did about 30 live shows all over the Italy. In the future years the band has continued to support other great artists.

To date, the group has released two full-length albums: The Experience (2008 – Club Inferno), Hysterical Psychosis (2010 My Kingdom Music), and one music video.

– Info Wolfear:
I Wolfear nascono da un idea di Nicola (chitarrista) e Francesco (bassista) nel 2012, dalle ceneri di altri progetti. Poco dopo la fondazione si associa al gruppo in pianta stabile alla voce Massimo Fiorellino. Nel marzo del 2013 entra a far parte invece, dopo la rotazione di diversi batteristi, Rolando Manzione. Con varie influenze che variano dallo stoner al metal più estremo il gruppo propone pezzi propri. Causa impegni personali a Maggio 2014 Massimo esce dal gruppo al suo posto subentra Simone Ulino come voce e seconda chitarra. Nel Giugno dello stesso anno Francesco (bassista, co-fondatore della band) decide di abbandonare il progetto per ragioni personali. Nello stesso mese viene trovato il sostituto, Michele Gigantino, gia membro di alcune band Punk\Rock del salernitano. Dopo circa 1 anno e mezzo di prove su prove e svariati live in giro per la regione, nel Dicembre 2015 i Wolfear iniziano le registrazioni del loro primo lavoro intitolato “Sail into the Black” e contenente 6 tracce in totale, tra cui spicca l’ultima , Dear Enemy, che proviene dalle prime registrazioni fatte con la line-up attuale!
Il 27 Gennaio 2016 viene svelata la copertina e il 19 Marzo è la data di uscita. Nell’agosto dello stesso anno Rolando lascia la band per problemi personali e viene sostituito il 4 settembre da Paolo Scairato, gia membro di svariate formazioni Rock\Metal del salernitano. I Wolfear propongono un thrash-groove metal di stampo moderno con influenze richiamanti band del calibro di Gojira e Opeth. Durante il 2016 il gruppo ha preso parte a varie serate ed eventi metal dividendo il palco con molte altre band del territorio tra cui gli Heimdall e Circle of Witches e nomi illustri come Necrodeath e Temperance.
Nel Dicembre 2016 la band entra nel roster della Volcano Records&Promotions, importante agenzia napoletana che al suo interno vanta band come Hangarvain, 17 Crash, Metharia, Mastribes, Red Riot, NiteRain, All I See, Jumpscare ecc…, firmando un contratto di promozione della durata di 12 mesi.
Nel corso del 2017 la band divide il palco con band del calibro di Necrodeath, Cadaveria, Genus Ordinis Dei, Resumed, InAllSenses, Brand New Punch, Neid, Circle of Witches, Wildime, Southern Drinkstruction, NoFuck, Temperance, Hell’s Guardian, BigHate, Reburn, Neurosphere, Mc Vision, Lapida and Methedras!!!!
Nel Febbraio del 2018 i Wolfear si distaccano dalla Volcano Records ed entrano nella famiglia della “Impatto Rock Management”.
Nei primi mesi del 2018 Paolo decide di abbandonare la band per dedicarsi ad altri progetti musicali.
Il 6 Settembre viene annunciato il nuovo batterista, Tullio Carleo, gia membro di band metal come Gods of Sadness, 3RD, Magnolia, Stardom ecc..
Al momento il gruppo è in fase di composizione in vista del prossimo EP che si intitolerà “STASIS”.

– Info Schockproof:
ShockProof is an Heavy Metal power trio based in Rome, Italy. The music is fast, old school, some thrash influences, some Punk Hardcore flavour, so if you are listyenging to us and some Anthrax, Motorhead, Fugazi ( or whatever!) tunes come to your mind, that’s natural, because all that stuff is really part of our inner DNA. Of course a good bunch of melodic noise. Born in 2014, we have a selfproduced album “FIGHTING BAD TIMES” out in 2015 and a new one out at the beginning of 2018 “MORE BROKEN CHAINS”realesed worldwide by our label Time to kill records. It’s not only a matter of loud playing for us, we try to give lyrics a deepest meaning, because when you’re into a room (alone or not) listening to our cd’s we do care that you get a message and the message is: whoever you want to be, whenever you want to get, Break Your Chains and keep your mind and heart open! Playing metal is so cool, you can get louder and louder, but if you use all this rage to transmit some thoughts, all your music can reach an upper level. In other words, music for us is Energy that helps to resolve troubles…instead of wasting it through hate or blaming the world for everything, we prefer to give “messages” of positive approach the louder possible way!!

Info Release the Blackness:

“Il progetto Release The Blackness nasce nel 2015 da un’idea di Rocco Minichiello (voce, chitarra) e Adelchi Romano (basso), a cui in seguito si sono aggiunti Cristian Lomazzo alla chitarra e Fabio Parisi (ex Power Beyond, In Aevum Agere) alla batteria. Il sound della band, improntato sul Technical/Progressive Death Metal con molte influenze Thrash e Groove, si concretizza con l’uscita dell’EP di debutto “Antares” nel 2017 in maniera indipendente. Grazie al successo di Antares la band, entrata a far parte del roster della Cult Of Parthenope Promotion, è stata impegnata in una serie di date di supporto all’EP che ha permesso al gruppo di suonare con nomi quali Necrodeath, Unblessed e Sudden Death in giro per l’Italia. I Release The Blackness sono attualmente a lavoro sul follow-up di Antares che uscirà il prossimo anno.”

PEOPLE MUSIC CLUB: Via Giuseppe Maria Bosco, 111 – 81100 Caserta (CE).

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