TITOLO: Chronos
ARTISTA: Chaos Before Gea
GENERE: Progressive Melodic Metalcore/Mathcore
ANNO: 2018
PAESE: Spagna
ETICHETTA: The Braves Records

Spain has not one of the most famous country scene for what concernes metal: despite the large number of bands, the underground still toils to emerge. My aim in this space is to talk about a great surprise I discovered a few weeks ago. This name’s suprise is Chaos Before Gea: I’ve been introduced with their third album Chronos. If you think you’d like a Progressive mixture of elements involving Metalcore, Deathcore, Mathcore, they might be what you are looking for! The album is made by eight tracks forged with a multitude of interesting musical shades.
Void is the opening track used as single track before the whole release: the amazing blend of clean vocals, harsh and mathcore elements is smartly chained, creating a complex but easy listening song that will be soon appreciated.
Chronos is now among us and the second track brings his name: this song helps us to understand how much those musicians are able to switch within different stiles: despite is obvious the two songs belongs to the same album, the last one is actually cueller and darker.
In Rebirth the math shade arises, supported by various progressive elements, as progressive as From The Cradle To The Grave, despite the almost-Black Metal mood in many melodies and vocal style, creating a wide-range and complete track, probably one of the best in their discography.
Consciousness: conscience and Spiritual Awakening are more experimental and particular than the other songs, a nice trick to relax the listeners’ mood.
The Nine is the seventh track and with the last one, Legacy Of The Flame, the band ends this story with two pieces that summarise the Spanish band stile.
I hope that bands like Chaos Before Gea can create a new musical vein where other guys can get ispired by!

VOTO: 75/100


01. The Void
02. Chronos
03. Rebirth
04. From The Cradle To The Grave
05. Consciousness:Conscience
06. Spiritual Awakening
07. The Nine
08. Legacy Of The Flame


Adriàn Lòpez Castillo – Guitars
David Arrojo Sànchez – Drums
Damiàn Schmitt – Bass
Ismael Pèrez Gonzàlez – Lead Vocals
Hernàn Jensen Christensen – Guitar



Mi occupo da anni di recensioni e interviste (anche bilingue) in ambito Metal. Recensisco su Metal Winds solo previo invio del disco fisico in questione. Polistrumentista per Vereor Nox, Padulo, Breethoven e Social Media Manager per i Liquid Fear.

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