Cân Bardd – Nature Stays Silent (EN)

Cân Bardd – Nature Stays Silent (EN)

Cân Bardd – Nature Stays Silent (EN)

TITLE: Nature Stays Silent
ARTIST: Cân Bardd
GENRE: Epic/Atmospheric Folk Black Metal
YEARS: 2018
COUNTRY: Switzerland
LABEL: Northern Silence Productions


The Atmospheric Black Metal scene is more and more making it’s way through extreme metal, and every year real masterpieces emerge. This is the case of  Cân Bardd, a Swiss duo formed by Dylan Watson and Malo Civelli in 2016 (Both guys were members of Kaatarakt, a Viking folk Metal band), who, after having released their first single in 2017, A Gift for Nature proposes their first full length Nature Stays Silent, an 8-track album released in March 2018 under Northern Silence Productions released in a 1000 copies limited edition. A very glacial album, evocative and at the same time melodic from the first notes of the intro that opens with acoustic guitars, harps and drums accompanied with the sound of a river in the background and the melodies of the distorted guitars in the foreground. The sound is similar to some of the greats of Atmospheric Black metal such as Caladan Brood, Elderwind and Saor but still manages to maintain its own identity, both for the great variety of instruments used, ranging from folk instruments to more Symphonic instruments, both for the issues addressed, which are very engaging going from praise to nature in all its forms to themes that seem to focus more on their roots and their land as in My Ancestors.
The guitars create an excellent filling on the bases of Synth, also leaving spaces to lead that is the protagonist, the batteries and the voices are very gritty, with a little reverb that makes the voice almost cavernous, and that often alternates with pieces sung in clean almost making the choirs look something very ceremonial.
The songs are sung in English with the exception of Méditation Glaciale and Océan which are sung entirely in French and Abîme which combines English and French together, a very curious choice. Speaking of these last two pieces, together with Underwater are perhaps those that differ more than the others, Océan recalls almost the Eluveitie for flute melodies and that folk atmosphere, almost traditional, while Underwater and Abîme combine Atmospheric Black Metal and Depressive, where the gritty scream of before leaves room for more desperate screams, shouts of real outburst. Let’s talk about the last track, A Gift For Nature which was also the single released by the band in 2017, the real praise to the nature described at the beginning review, the batteries become much more violent between the powerful roll and the vigorous blast beat and the melodies that almost make you enter into a state of trance, a bit of traveling and a bit melancholic, bringing you into a world much more “fantasy”, a song that takes you into the mountains and the lost forests of the world, able to involve a lot ‘listener. To conclude, it is their first job and turns out to be really spectacular, taking into account that it is a genre where it is difficult to open the road without being obvious and banal, yet the Cân Bardd have succeeded more or less in their intent, not in full but there they have succeeded, they still have work to do, and they still have time to find something that is even more their own, which is even more personal, but they are on track.


VOTE: 75/100



  1. Introduction
  2. My Ancestors
  3. An Evolving Painting
  4. Méditation Glaciale
  5. Underwater
  6. Océan
  7. Abîme
  8. A Gift For Nature



dal 2009 al 2012 sono stato bassista e seconda voce dei Kadaverica, gruppo blackened death metal situato nel territorio Piacentino. Recentemente abbiamo ripreso in piedi il progetto dove ri registreremo il nostro primo Album "Decade of Karnak" Precedentemente sono stato chitarra e seconda voce dei Geschlecht, gruppo Groove Metal di Piacenza/Pavia. Attualmente sono chitarrista e seconda voce dei Ny Mynd (Death Metal con influenze Black e Thrash) e ho un progetto Atmospheric Medieval Black Metal chiamato Myr.

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